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Freshers week 2019

Welcome back to a brand new year with DU Choral Society!  Come find us at our Freshers Fair stand to renew your membership or join up for the first time – we’re armed and ready with free donut vouchers and guaranteed addition to the mailing list (we PROMISE).  Alternatively, feel free to sign-up at our first rehearsal of the year:




6.30 – 9.00PM

Returning members will know the long process of signing-up and payment of score deposits at first rehearsal, so where it is humanly possible the committee would hugely appreciate timely arrival at 6.30pm.  Refundable score deposits are €10!!!  Please be aware that without a valid score deposit, we cannot provide you with a score for the semester/year.

Following the rehearsal we will be heading out on the town for our traditional platters and pints (the food is on us)!

Every Wednesday night from the 18th Sept onwards will see us gathering in Regent House for rehearsals from 7.00 – 9.00pm as per usual.


See you soon!

Isobel x

Treasurer UDCS

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